PCMC Avanti Central Impression Flexo Press Item #1477

PCMC Avanti Central Impression Flexo Press Item #1477

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PCMC Avanti Central Impression Flexo Press Item #1477

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PCMC Avanti Central Impression Flexographic Printing Press - Capable of printing Tissue to Board Stock, 8 Colors, 50" Web Width, Mint Condition Only Used for Testing,  Repeats 14"- 18"- 20" - 22" - 23.5", Tint Sleeve 38", Plate Sleeve Mandrel BCD 4.140", Print Speed up to 1000 fpm, Central Impression Drum 50", Parent Roll Specs - Tissue up to Board Stock (any film, extensible or non-extensible 49" wide x 40" max. OD. 3" ID Cores preferable) Adapters for 6" Cores, Coming with 7 qty 3" Core Shafts & 2qty 6" Core Shafts. Extreme Dryer Technology includes High Velocity Compressed Air, Electric Heat & Individually adjustable heat zones, 8 Doctor Blade Chambers, 2 Fixed Unwinds, Turret Style Rewind with 2 Spindles, Enercon Corona Treater, JM Heaford Plate Mounter, 15 Anilox Rolls.

This press is a state of the art electronic gearless press. Equipped with ball screws and stepping motors for settings and all drives are completely Servo Driven. Features sleeves for both the anilox rolls and plates. There are NO Hydraulics! Decks are equipped with enclosed doctor blades able to work with both water and solvent inks, no uv. Prints 1,000 fpm on tissue or board stock. 

Equipment Details

  • Item #: 1477
  • Price: Please contact us for price
  • Manufacturer: PCMC
  • Model: Avanti
  • Model Year: 2002
  • Colors: 8
  • Width: 50"
  • Gearing: STD
  • Availability: Immediate
  • Die Stations: NA
  • Product Rewinds: 2
  • Waste Rewinds: NA
  • UV: No
  • Slitting: No
  • Stacker: No
  • Laminator: No
  • Edge Guide: Yes
  • Turnbar: No
  • Auto Registration: Yes
  • Constant Turn Anilox: Yes
  • Can be seen in operation: Yes
  • Manuals: Yes
  • Condition: Excellent

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